Making It Easy So You Can Run Your Business

Payroll can be a stressful task for many business owners. Time involved in accurately recording and tracking employee time, vacation and health benefits and IRS compliance regarding taxes withheld, reported and paid is overwhelming.

Pennywise Bookkeeping handles payroll accurately

  • Obtain all necessary Federal and State tax filing requirement information for hiring new employees.
  • New hire packet documents
  • New Hire set up in accounting software based on New Hire Information
  • State reporting requirements-New Hire

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly or Monthly payroll processing
  • Federal Tax Deposits (941) via EFTPS (Monthly or Semi-Weekly Depositors)
  • State Withholding payments

  • Quarterly Work Comp Report/Payment
  • Quarterly reconciliation reports for 941
  • Quarterly filing of 941 (Quarterly Federal Tax Return)
  • Quarterly 940 payments (FUTA)
  • State Unemployment Form/Payment

  • Annual W-2s
  • Annual 940 FUTA Report