Remote Bookkeeping FAQs

People ask me all of the time how remote or outsourced bookkeeping works. This is why I created a FAQ page dedicated solely to these topics.

What is Remote Bookkeeping and what are my options?

Remote bookkeeping is when I service your books from my office which is located in a different geological area than yours. If you already have a QuickBooks file and you work within this file there are a couple of options which work well.

Option 1

I use secure remote software to remote into your computer. This work can be accomplished during daytime hours-if a computer is available for log in, or after hours when your offices are closed. If I am logging into your computer/QB file during business hours you must have an available license in order for me to access your file in multi user mode.

Option 2

QuickBooks Hosting is an EXCELLENT option for small, medium and large businesses. Please take a look at the following Hosting services such as Right Networks or Swizznet These options are beneficial in that they allow you to access your QuickBooks file anytime via the internet (Cloud Computing). The process is alot faster than using GoToMyPC or Logmein. Generally they are priced per user and its always cheaper to purchase an annual subscription. Check the websites for pricing or questions.

What if I don't have a QuickBooks File?

Whether you are an individual, sole proprietor or otherwise - I would create your file in QuickBooks and work with that file in my office.

How do I get my documents to you?

My clients generally use the following options to send me their paperwork.

  • Fax
  • Email
  • Scan to my account
  • Or by good old fashioned mail
  • Pick up and drop off service is available to those within my geographic area.
This is completely dependent on the comfort level of my clients.

Is there frequent communication or reporting regarding my records?

I keep in weekly contact with my clients by email or phone contact. It's very important to keep the communication open to prevent miscommunication.

Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping reports are sent to you to keep you up to date regarding your records.

Accounts Payable reports and Accounts Receivable reports keep you in the loop of what needs to be paid and what your customers owe you.

What if I only wanted you to handle certain areas of my bookkeeping?

I am willing to handle any specific areas in which you have concern. If you call my office or send an email to I will be asking you specific questions about your current situation, the status of your current record keeping and what areas of service you are requesting.